Posted on: December 26, 2008 5:33 pm

UFC 92

Wow...what a end of the year for MMA fans happening at the MGM Grand Garden Areana Saturday night.  Three potentally great fights on the same card in Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir, Wanderlei Silva vs. Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans.  Two of  those fights, Nogueira vs. Mir and Griffin vs. Evans, are title fights and we also get to see Cheick Kongo and CB Dollaway tangle in seperate fights.  Sounds like a safe pay per view purchase, right?  But will it live up to the hype?  Kongo is fighting Al Turk who is making his octagon debut.  He has been training with the London Shootfighters team and has strong ground skill, however, he is fighting a freakishly strong and athletic big man who has impressive standup and has worked very hard on his ground game and take down defense.  I see this fight ending in a quick TKO by Congo.  Next we see CB Dollaway and Mike Massenzio.  This has the makings of a yawn fest.  Both are wrestlers who like submissions and like to stay on the ground, however, Dollaway has ended more than half of his fights with his fists.  I see this one being a boring fight unless Dollaway catches Massenzio and then it might get me to sit up just for a moment.  Next up, Silva vs. Jackson.  In my opinion this will be the fight of the night.  Silva is always exciting and you know he will come to fight.  My only question is where is Rampage's state of health at mentally?  If he is in the right frame of mind this will be an all out back alley brawl.  If he's not it will be a short night for him.  I believe there will be a KO in this fight and it will be early rather than later.  The Nogueira\Mir fight I see "Big Nog" dominating Frank.  There is not one aspect of this fight in which Mir has an edge.  NONE.  This will be a brutal beating given by Big Nog and the only thing that will save Frank is his lack of cardio, which will cause the fight to be stopped sooner and save him less damage.  Finally, the one everyone seems to be talkng about, Forrest Griffin and Rashard Evans.  This fight seems to be a dream match up on paper, but don't let that fool you.  Forrest has been in with much better competition than Evans and has far more skill than Evans.  He also has more heart and determination.  This will be a good fight early but Forrest will wear him down and end it with a submission.  So 1 of 5 fights you will see for sure are a guranteed lock to be entertaining.  2 of 5 are maybes and 2 of 5 are guranteed sleepers.  If it was me, I would save my money for the rainy days ahead and just read about the details on UFC.COM.  But, for those of you that live in the "money is not an issue" world,  I'd be all over this one because I could be wrong.
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